Product Distribution

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) was enacted in 1976. Two of the main goals of RCRA and its amendments are to reduce the amount of waste generated by utilizing as many items as possible and to protect human health and the environment from the potential hazards of waste disposal. Environmental Management’s program is designed to provide companies an alternative to disposal for their unwanted or unneeded products. This can greatly reduce the regulatory burden on your company by possibly reducing your generator status and saving you in generator fees and reporting time. By working closely with your company, our program can be tailored to your company’s existing procedures or we can assist you in developing a program. The manner by which we obtain information, evaluate, and authorize items for shipment can be adjusted to incorporate your own tracking numbers and information. But how do your products get to Environmental Management? Many companies choose to ship all of their eligible products to a central location, such as an Oklahoma City terminal, and either have us pick them up or bring them to us on their own trucks. Alternatively, third-party transportation arranged by you or Environmental Management can be used to ship products directly to our facility in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Once the products arrive at our location, we essentially become the owner and take complete responsibility for their processing. We insure that each item is inventoried, verified, and tracked to final disposition in the event you should require that information. We have developed an extensive list of businesses, charities, and persons who are happy to put these items to good use. While every effort is made to find a user for the products, sometimes we are unable to do so. Products are only eligible for distribution up to 45 days from the date they are received at our facility. After that, Environmental Management will declare the material a waste and become the generator. By giving you a choice for your products, Environmental Management is offering your company a unique opportunity to truly accomplish the essence of RCRA and to reduce waste generation. Please feel free to call us at 405-282-8510 with any questions regarding this program.

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