Environmental Management's Facility

Environmental Management is located in Guthrie, Oklahoma, just off of I-35. Situated on 38 acres, the facility supports all aspects of operations. The two-story office building was built in 1993 and an expansion, which doubled the size, was completed in 1998. The existing Maintenance Building was quadrupled at the same time. The materials receiving and processing area is segregated into two staging areas; hazardous and non-hazardous.

In order to provide the most up-to-date training experience, a section of the property was developed for hands-on student exercises. Dedicated equipment for this includes railcars, an underground confined space, tanker trailers, cylinder coffins, the latest Personal Protective Equipment, and a state-of-the-art training room.

In order to provide the most efficient nationwide emergency response, our office building is equipped with an advanced telephone system and internet capability. Complete accountability for the proper disposal of materials is ensured through a progressive tracking system on a database platform.

Environmental Management offers its employees many recreational amenities including a three-quarter mile walking track and a fishing pond. Arbor Day 2001 began a tradition in which a ceremony will be held and a new tree planted in honor of a person or in celebration of an event which has significantly affected Environmental Management. This area will be known as Emi (emmy) Grove and will be a picnic/lunch area featuring a gazebo and picnic tables. In addition, each year a donation will be made to the National Arbor Day Foundation to assist with reforestation of national parks.

Response Equipment

Environmental Management's diversified fleet of response vehicles ranges from company-issued cars and pickup trucks to the latest technology in air-ride equipped semi tractor-trailers. A selection of heavy-duty trucks are available 24 hours a day to respond to any request or degree of emergency which may arise.

Environmental Management's fleet also consists of 50 rolloff boxes which can be transported by one of our three rolloff trucks or the double-box rail trailer. For bulk quantities, we maintain three vacuum tankers capable of holding up to 6500 gallons of material, and a 1000-gallon portable vacuum unit. In addition, we have three semi-trailer boxvans, four bobtail boxvans, four semi tractors, a 10 cubic yard dump trailer, and a 52 cubic yard end dump. Our 17 fully-equipped response trailers are stocked with a standard inventory of supplies such as intrinsic lighting, all levels of PPE, hand tools, and characterization instruments. Thirteen flatbed trailers are utilized for transporting drummed material and equipment.

Maintenance Shop

Our self-contained maintenance shop provides 24-hour support for all response equipment. Various preventative maintenance supplies including filters hoses, etc., are stocked daily. Our DOT certified inspector ensures compliance and safety of all vehicles and equipment. Our welding shop, capable of fabricating specialized tools for unique projects, is incorporated into this building along with a generous supply of hand tools and small field equipment.

Heavy Equipment

Environmental Management's response services are enhanced an available inventory of heavy equipment. Bobcats with various attachment are used along with motor graders, trackhoes, backhoes, and forklifts. A trailer-mounted generator with light attachments assists with nighttime operations while our subsoil sampling devices ensure complete remediation.


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